Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Parts printed for a friend

Here are some pictures of various parts I've printed for a friend.  He did up really nice pictures to illustrate the final use of each.

Replacement for a part of a water dispenser cap (the printed part is the white portion of the bottom right photo):

Tripod foot

Binocular bracket.  The knobs at the end are for elastic bands to hold the binoculars in place.

Car cap.

It's fun to be able to help out others with minor repairs!

One of the interesting things about these prints is that my friend's first tries at files didn't all work out well.  Here's what the "Car Cap" was supposed to look like:

And here was the first try at printing it.  The bottom set of pie-sectors ended up printing inverted!  

This was due to a set of inward-facing normals in the solid model.  They were actually flagged as a problem by the slicer, but I didn't notice the error message until after the fact.  Not sure what software he used for the original design.  After doing a little research, he used a model-fixing web site to fix the problems, and the new models sliced and printed out just fine.  KISSlicer does a better job of identifying potential model problems than Skeinforge/SFACT.