Thursday, July 3, 2014


Things I've bought in support of this ridiculous (but fun!) 3D printer:

  1. Set of metric allen wrenches
  2. Set of socket wrenches
  3. Wire stripper
  4. Metal ruler with 1/2 mm markings
  5. Grounding strap
  6. Soldering iron
  7. Soldering tool set
  8. Solder
  9. Exacto knife
  10. Heat shrink
  11. Suction-cup clamp
  12. LED magnifying glass
  13. Two 1kg spools of PLA filament
  14. Cordless Dremel tool
  15. Dust cover
  16. Glass cutter
  17. Sewing machine oil (for cutter)
  18. Glass pane (from picture frame)
  19. Hair spray
  20. Denatured alcohol solution glass cleaner
  21. Micro SD card
  22. Gloves
Things I've used that I already had
  1. Assorted screw drivers, large and small
  2. Needle-nose pliers
  3. Adjustable wrench
  4. Multimeter
  5. Teflon spray lube
  6. Hammer
  7. Wire cutters
  8. Spatula
  9. Calipers (borrowed)
  10. Dental mirror
Things I had to get to assemble the printer that weren't in the kit

  1. Replacement optical sensor after pins broke
  2. Longer screws w/nuts for fastening one of the sensors
  3. Thicker M4 nuts for extruder assembly
Things I've printed so far
  1. Thin-walled test objects 
  2. Objects for filament spooling mechanism: 3 triangular doodads & 1 support arm
  3. Filament dust-cleaning attachment
  4. Tweezer holder (mounts on printer frame)
  5. Replacement knob for display  (the one delivered with the kit had issues)
  6. Parts for improved Z-axis leveling device, posted on forum by a Felix user
  7. Mini engraved and embossed memento toolbox, in 2 pieces (my design!)
Issues I've overcome

  1. Broken pins on one of the 3 optical sensors (broke due to excessive bending during wire-routing attempts, ordered replacement sensor)
  2. Too short screws for mounting one of the optical sensors (replaced with longer)
  3. Non-grabbing bolts on extruder assembly (used thicker nuts)
  4. Forgot to label fan wires (used battery to identify which was which)
  5. Extruder not grabbing filament (adjusted tension)
  6. Adhesion difficulties (hair spray)
  7. Uneven extruder hot-end tips (fiddling)
  8. Blank display unit (adjusted contrast with potentiometer)
  9. Confusing display knob inadvertently rendered useless (reprinted)
Issues remaining 

  1. Second extruder not heating properly; shows open circuit when tested with multimeter
  2. How to deal with jealousy of all my friends ;-)